The Rent is Too Da** High

Operational and transactional costs are simply too high— and for lots of different reasons. Many media types in numerous markets are wholly manual, while others leverage lots of technology vendors that charge 10%-50% of the media spend. That's insane.

Technology Should Empower, Not Commoditize

Buyers and sellers should be dictating the terms of each transaction, not the ad tech provider. That means buyers should be able to buy from whomever they want, using whatever data they want, in whatever way they agree upon with the seller. Operational efficiency doesn't have to mean becoming a commodity.

Ad Tech Should Be Invisible

Technology partners in the advertising industry soak up way too many headlines. Credit should go to the innovative brand, the creative marketing strategy, the compelling content, or the engaging user experience. Ad tech is the pipes. The pipes are important. But tourists don't flock to a city to see its water system..

Stakeholders Must Evolve

Technology and data are central parts of marketing. Advertisers, agencies, or media companies who outsource the “smarts” in these areas are doomed in the long run. It's not enough to just believe it. Stakeholders must have a plan in place to evolve to a technology- and data-driven future while also delivering business and client results in the short term.

Can’t Operate in a Silo

Consumers don't live in silos. Brands operate across different media types and formats. And their agencies need to be able to work directly with every possible inventory partner. Ad tech must support that at scale, too. 

Buy-Side Tech Must Benefit All Sides or it Hurts Buyers

To enable a buyer to buy more efficiently, the ad tech provider can't: 1) "tax" the seller; 2) require the seller to give up control of inventory or pricing; or 3) force a change in sales workflow that immediately breaks a seller's business. If a buyer can't buy the entire marketplace then the buyer needs multiple workflows—which inherently results in inefficiency!