Head of Training


Come build our training team

Most of our customer-facing team trains users (and their managers) on a daily basis, whether that’s 1:1, in remote groups, or in larger-group, in-person settings. At this stage, we know that continuing to execute a world-class program at the level of users we currently serve (and expect to) requires dedicated ownership and a team maniacally focused on being the best training team at any company, anywhere.

To lead our training team, you’ll simultaneously be team builder, strategist, and key executor and you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate that you have:

  • Assembled a knockout training team.

  • Created a variety of training content for multiple types of users and learning styles (presentations, reference guides, video how-to’s, etc.)

  • Expanded existing training reach and frequency through a mix of delivery systems (LMS, video libraries, in-app tutorials, etc.).

  • Owned a corporate training function, including new hire training and train-the-trainer programs.

  • Lead large-group, event-based trainings.

  • Collaborated cross-departmentally, and especially with Product owners, to ensure all training content reflects the most current state of the products.

  • You desire to be the type that is known far and wide as a training specialist who can drive results in high growth companies. If you are more interested in advancing or sustaining a general HR path, this is probably not the position for you.

Sound Interesting? You might be great on our team if some of the following are true:

  • Enterprise SaaS will feel like familiar territory. No need for you to be an expert in our field (media and advertising). We’ll coach you and make sure you have a real depth in the jobs our users do every day.

  • You have substantial experience, including training, product or product marketing, much of it preferably in software.

  • You’ve led high-performing training teams before (bonus points if you’ve built them from scratch and scaled).

  • You have a depth of training experience to draw from and have a knack for what works and what doesn’t. You find creative, thoughtful ways to develop training programs to fit the occasion – including urgency - and never shy away from experimenting.

  • You have a deep empathy for the people you’re training, and are genuinely driven to help them learn and accomplish.

  • You know your way around LMS, in-app guides, email drips, and a host of other distribution channels.

Hudson MX Benefits

  • Competitive compensation

  • Company-paid healthcare coverage for individuals & their families.

  • Company-paid commuting benefits.

  • Flexible paid time off and work-from-home policies.

  • Challenging work designed to leverage, and rapidly expand, your skill set.

  • Learn directly from the best - flat structure and collaborative culture.

  • We value diversity and the richness it brings to our work and employees.


Interested?  Email recruiting@hudsonmx.com with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!