Evergreen As-Run Log Files Info Page

As a part of Evergreen’s investment to improve the workflow of buying local broadcast and best support our clients, we request all sales partners to deliver daily posting information on our behalf starting Feb 25, 2019 to Hudson MX for use by our buyers and managers.

Our buyers will use this information to better manage our campaigns with your stations and provide more transparency to the client.

Please work with Hudson MX on Evergreen’s behalf to verify your file format immediately.

Should you not be able to deliver the as-run logs daily, please work to submit the file as frequently as possible.

Please back date the first submission to the start of Q1 2019.

How to submit your as-run logs:

  1. Use the excel template below. The column headers and column order must match the template. All fields are required. Only aired spots should be included.

  2. Submit your logs using the form below

For any support or questions on how to submit your as-run log files, please reach out to: sellersupport@hudsonmx.com