Nate Warden, Product

We talk a lot about the idea of the Buyer of the Future…

My goal as a product manager at Hudson MX is simple: design software that makes buyers more successful.  This means delivering the best results for their brands in record time.  

The thing that strikes me on a daily basis is just how important a buyer’s expertise is in the local buying process. That’s fundamentally why we strive to strip away the mundane repetitive tasks that often rob buyers of the time needed to apply their know-how. We streamline things like distributing and chasing down RFPs, estimating the ratings of straightforward inventory, and reconciling buys. Why should anyone skilled at negotiating and crafting great schedules be so busy with rote tasks that they don’t have time to use those talents?

I also know the job doesn’t stop there. The degree to which media has changed in the last decade, and is expected to change in the next, means we need to help buyers not only solve current challenges but also help them deliver new capabilities for their clients.  

I encounter forward-thinking buyers consistently across the agencies I work with.  So many are clearly looking ahead—sometimes surprisingly far ahead. That’s why internally we started referring to these users as our “buyers of the future.”  And from my perspective, for many of them, the future has already started.

As we’ve gone about building tools for buyers of the future, we’ve been fortunate to have really strong relationships with our agency partners which has been a huge help in the product development process.  After more than two years of hard work, I can honestly say we wouldn’t be here today without the buyers, managers, client leads, and Heads of Local who provided us ample opportunity to listen, ask a lot of questions, and learn. That’s how we were able to translate their needs into software that’s intuitive and familiar—yet also helps buyers and agencies transform, grow, and continue to deliver for their advertisers in the years ahead.  

The best part of my job is knowing that the software I build helps buyers improve their day-to-day quality of life and invest in their skillsets and careers. I’m excited to continue building modern tools that take them into the future while preserving the autonomy that got them where they are today.